Tips for spotting wildlife on your walk during lockdown

During this strange period of lockdown, it is important to remember that the  wonders of our world are all still out there for us. We just have to work a little harder to keep in touch with them right now.

In the UK, we are still able to exercise outdoors once a day. We can take this opportunity to find local places of natural beauty. A local woodland, park, valley or lake and take the time to look and listen. 

Here are a few tips for spotting wildlife during your hour outside. 

Tip 1: Be as quiet as you can

It is hard to get close to a lot of wildlife. They may be up in trees or hiding away in hedges. They might be scared of you and run, burrow or fly when they see or hear you coming. So tread carefully. Make as little sound as you can.  The quieter you are, the more likely wildlife will be to present itself. 

Tip 2: take binoculars

Following on from tip 1, take binoculars with you. If you cant get close to animals (because they take off as you approach them), use binoculars to bring yourself closer.

Tip 3: Slow down and look down

Even when you are very close to wildlife, it can be hard to spot.  You can be standing next to a hedgehog and miss it.  Animals are generally very adept at camouflaging into their environment and unless you are paying close attention, you can easily miss them. My three year old daughter brought my attention to so much bug, insect and even small mammal life by simply looking down and paying attention.

Tip 4: It helps to know what you are looking for so do a little research.

Wildlife reawakens in Spring. Flowers burst into colour, tended to by bees. Frogs are on the move. Migrant birds are arriving.  It is very helpful to know what you might be seeing as you wonder a British woodland so do a little research. There is an abundance of information online. The Woodland Trust in the UK is a good place to start.

Tip 5; Enjoy!

If you enjoy what you are doing, you are more likely to keep going. Take your time and enjoy the outdoors.


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