Contemplating life with my camera

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I often ponder ‘who am I?’ The observer. The creator.  Everything and nothing. Earth and sky. Light and dark.  A conscious creative participant. I look around and I see more of the same. I see more of me. I watch other people living their lives. Trees blowing in the breeze. Cats fighting. Exhausts vibrating. I can reach out my hand and touch it all. Close my eyes and focus on the sounds. Move closer and see the detail on every surface. It is a miracle. It can all seem so ordinary but I know it is not. Stardust from an intense explosion is fizzing and fusing to create you and me and all of this. A matrix of time and space in which our consciousness forms and our reality is perceived. It is absolutely extraordinary.

With such thoughts in mind, I enjoy exploring the world. From my little back garden in the UK to the open expanses of Antarctica. From the deep browns of my daughter’s eyes to the glowing purples of bluebells caught at sunrise. In moments of calm, I reflect on where I am and I am grateful. These moments are sacred to me. My mind is free from the clutter of distraction. I feel peace.

The camera is a tool for observation, interaction, creation and sharing. Every camera and every photo can capture a new perspective, a new reality. Is a river one unified body of water flowing to the sea or is it trillions of water droplets charging chaotically alongside one another? By altering the shutter speed, it can appear as both.

Human reality is observed visually through our eyes and processed by our brains. We naturally assume this is the only reality. But this is only one perspective. How about a fly? How do flies avoid being swatted? It turns out they watch time move more slowly. For dogs, TV is an incoherent flicker of lights because their refresh rate is higher than that of the TV. Different realities are formed by different perspectives.

And so I enjoy creating different perspectives of reality with my camera. It helps me to challenge the reality that I think I know and to view my life in a broader context. I recognise a connection exists between us all and this in turn influences my behaviour.  Starting a car, I recognise the fumes from the burning diesel are affecting the air you breathe. So I walk. Similarly, I understand that my thoughts are affecting you. This is not so obvious but exists in the realm of the quantum. The mind is a powerful tool.

The connection between us all is real. We all are part of nature, all divine creations. The concept of division is a myth perpetuated by our society. Compassion has the power to unite in love.  I hope to continue wandering the planet, observing, participating and sharing in the miracle of life. I hope to do this humbly and with gratitude. Life is short. Every life is precious…it rises from the ground, spends precious moments breathing the air, then descends to dust once more.